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Birthday Cake Delivery!

"Ack, I meant to get this delivered to you as soon as I can but I had gotten held up. However..I made this for you and I hope you enjoy it!"


Oh wow. This is actually… cool. Heh.


4 February 2014, 17:49     with 2 notes        


askspecter replied to your post: askspecter replied to your post:MAKE M…

Ehh… I missed you too. I guess. ♥

xoxox <33333333333


4 February 2014, 17:31     with 4 notes     via maskedmiracle    


"Hello Specter baby"

Oh no. Oh NO.

"Pink? What have I told you about calling me 'Baby'?!”

4 February 2014, 17:30     with 4 notes        

((Sorry for the absence, everyone! I’ve had some major personal matters I’ve had to iron out. I may be a bit here-and-there for the next month, but you’ll be seeing more of me real soon. I appreciate your patience! ♥

The ask box is a bit empty. Feel free to fill it up. ;) ))

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I saw a certain someone on my dash and nearly had a heart attack

Awww. Did my little pet miss me?~

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Ape Escape 30 Days Challenge

Day 9 

Favourite Villain


10 January 2014, 16:10     with 142 notes     via maskedmiracle    


m y first art of 2014 is specter lmao b y e 

do hope not the last.~

7 January 2014, 1:59     with 50 notes     via maskedmiracle    



specter would be a great world ruler so just let him do it and stop being such pussies about it

i mean its not like ppl dont live in cages already geeze u wont even notice a difference

…I’m going to marry this one.

4 January 2014, 18:02     with 6 notes     via maskedmiracle    


la u ghs im gonna play ape escape today i am officially frustrated

And when I DO take over the world, this little doll is going to be my pet.

4 January 2014, 16:46     with 3 notes     via maskedmiracle    


Heyyyy Specter, Why do you want to rule the world someday? o wo (Sorry if i came out of the blue. I just lovevloevloe your art <3)

Why I want to rule the world, huh?
Heh, alright. If you want to know so badly, I’ll tell you.

It’s because of you. All of you humans. You all roam freely and put us beneath you. You, who take control of every inch of the planet, who force SOME out of their territories just so you can take more for yourselves.

And then…

Then you make us

…sit and watch the rest of you…

…from behind 

a cage.

I’ve had enough of that. I’ve had enough of apes being forced to be nothing but circus attractions for your amusement, or being lab experiments for things you’re too scared to try yourselves. I think it’s time the tables turned and you all had a taste of your own medicine!

I want US to be on top from now on. I want YOU to be the ones behind glass and on display for OUR entertainment.

I want revenge.

4 January 2014, 16:43     with 11 notes